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Mole and Skin Tag Removal

A non-surgical way to address embarrassing moles and skin tags that you want eliminated. We use CO2 laser treatments for mole and skin tag removal to provide you with natural-looking results. There is no risk of scars. …Read More

Dark Spot Removal

A Q-switched laser treatment for age spots, sun damage, pigmentation, and melasma. These issues can ruin the even tone of your skin, and with this treatment, we can restore it effectively. Multiple treatments are required. In some cases, special topicals should be used along with this treatment to achieve best results. …Read More

Laser Tattoo Removal

A procedure that can easily get rid of any unwanted tattoos – black ink or colored ink – that you may have. Multiple treatments are performed until the tattoo is no longer visible. There is no scar risk. …Read More

Laser Hair Removal

The ideal choice for anyone who is tired of shaving and waxing away unwanted hairs. It can be used on delicate areas like the face and large areas like the back and chest. …Read More

Laser Resurfacing (Hyperpigmentation)

Melasma the medical term for patches of brown or tan spots common among women. These light patches or ‘spots’ appear symmetrically on the cheeks and around the eyes. Using laser Q.Switch, we can remove the brown spots of the skin, leaving clear and beautiful skin. Results vary.

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