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NovaLift (Facelift) Sudbury

NovaLift (Facelift)Looking into the mirror and noticing facial folds and wrinkles is a frustrating experience. As we age, our skin sags, creating age lines that we wish would just go away. There are a number of solutions to these issues, some of which are surgical. Many patients shy away from surgical procedures and would instead prefer a non-surgical solution. For an incredibly effective non-surgical solution, we offer the NovaLift.

What Is a NovaLift?

The NovaLift is a non-surgical facelift that gives patients results that are nothing short of extraordinary. It was originally designed to tighten the lower areas of the face by lifting them in a minimally invasive manner. Now, it can be used to tighten and lift your whole face, wherever your problem area might be. It can correct signs of aging on the temples, forehead, and even the lips.

This procedure is quite effective and very low risk. You’ll start noticing results almost immediately after your first appointment, and the effects are long-lasting. You can go about your day shortly after your treatment, as it requires no healing period or downtime.

How Does the Procedure Work?

The NovaLift features the same techniques used by surgeons for internal suturing during organ surgery. PDO threads are injected through a thin preloaded needle into the facial tissue, adjacent to the surface of your skin. The threads that were injected are lifted, reducing sag and giving your face a smoother appearance.

The threads also enhance the production of collagen, which is a protein needed for flexibility and smoothness in the skin. The process is a form of controlled healing, with the collagen repairing your facial structure around the site of the thread injection to create stronger and firmer skin structure.

In addition to the procedure being minimally invasive and quick, it is pain-free. You won’t be experiencing any pain or discomfort while you’re being treated.

Can’t say enough good things about Sudbury Med Spa! I’ve been several times and have had a very positive experience every time! Highly recommend!

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A NovaLift is especially great for people with busy lifestyles. You can get the procedure done during your lunch break and go right back to work afterwards.

After Your NovaLift

The body slowly and safely absorbs the PDO threads over the next four to six months after your NovaLift treatment. The skin creates new collagen protein during this time and continues to create it after the threads have been fully absorbed. The effects of the procedure generally last for over a year.

Because the procedure involves creation of new collagen, the results of your NovaLift are subtle and natural. It gives patients smoother and softer skin and leaves them looking more youthful.

Arrange a Consultation at Sudbury Med Spa

If a NovaLift sounds like the right procedure for you, take the next step and schedule a consultation at Sudbury Med Spa. You can set up an appointment by contacting our office.

During your NovaLift consultation, you will discuss your goals and what you expect from the procedure with a skilled medical professional. Remember to keep your expectations realistic. You will also be able to ask any questions that you may have.


Nova Lip Jowl – $1500
Prices Range from – $300 – $2000

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    • I highly recommend the Sudbury med spa. Natalie and Dr. Le were wonderful! I was very happy with my results.
      by L.B.
    • Amazing service! They did such a great job. I highly recommend. Natalie made me feel welcomed and my laser treatment was effortless. Will be back to try the skin care products they have to offer. Wonderful addition to Sudbury
      by A.K.
    • So happy to have Sudbury Med Spa in town! Natalie, the owner, is so kind, welcoming and knowledgeable. So is Dr. Le, who did a great job with my Botox. I’m very happy with the results. Up until now I have been going to a med spa in Boston — not anymore. This is so much more convenient. I’ll be back and would highly recommend!
      by C.S.

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